VA RAXS - Mastering Rack VST (64 Bit Windows)


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Windows Vst 64 Bit



VA RAXS is a vintage-looking rack,designed for mastering and remastering of any sound materials.
This virtual rack consists of 9 effects and the sound pass through them in the following order:

* Preamplifier with gain control ,enhanced features for sub and high frequencies,combined with a mid-side processor that can divide the incoming signal.

* 16 + 16 Band EQ with adjustable "Q"

* Crossover module 6dB / Octave, with a 'transient perfect' filter that passes both amplitude and phase unchanged across the range of interest.It has separate tone controls -/+12dB, and other features like two types of noise reduction, de-esser, dc bias, and more.

* Stereo Image Processor with frequency band controls

* Compressor to handle small compression ratios, useful for mastering, but also able to work with large compression ratios. The compressor has  "knee" control ,"Make-Up" gain and a high precision vu-meter led to reading the dB reductions.

* Multiband Compressor

* LFE module for Sub (surround + subwoofer) with internal compressor

* Reverb with bandbass and more advanced controls

* Limiter designed to get a good sound quality , and fast enough to allow a good RMS output.

* dB module Processor check dBfs and RMS for each module and for output

* Multiband Compressor

When set correctly, VA RAXS is designed to provide high quality sound at low cost. It can also be used for remastering old recordings of audio cassettes and other sound material.

It also includes a operator's manual.