DEMON 80 - Multiband Compressor (win 64bit)

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Note: Windows 64bit VST2 and VST3



 Demon 80 multiband compressor specifications:

    * Resolution 1400x512
    * Xover compatibility from 44100 Hz to 192kHz
    * Bandwidth 20Hz -> 20.000Hz
    * Low Split Frequency: 20Hz - 1.4k.
    * High Split Frequency: 1.4kHz - 20kHz.
    * Tree frequency-band gain from -12 to +24dB.
    * Pre-Amp gain -/+ 24dB.
    * Output gain pre-limiter -/+ 12dB
    * Sidechain with Internal or external features and 2 input.
    * Threshold from infinity to -32dB
    * Attack time from 0 to 400mS.
    * Release time from 7,2mS to 2 sec
    * Ratio max 6:1 with fine control knob
    * Three stereo compressors inside.
    * Noise Reduction features.
    * Auto dynamics features.
    * Independent bypass and mute switch for each channel.
    * Three Vu-Meter LEDs,to measure Gain reduction.
    * Two virtual moving coil Vu-Meters, analog style for outcoming signal.
    * Limiter feature to 0dB with peack Led indicator.
    * Analog emulator features (saturators for preamp and amp) with peak led indicators.
    * Balance control.
    * Auto Bias.
    * Max output dBfs -0.01 dB
    * RMS level numerical indicator.